The Interesting History Behind the Lake of the Ozarks

The Lake of the Ozarks has a rich history behind how it came to be such a great spot to vacation to. In this blog we will discuss the interesting history behind the Bagnell Dam, boating at the Lake of the Ozarks, and how choosing one of our vacation rentals at the Lake of the Ozarks will help you experience some the original lake culture.

History Behind the Bagnell Dam

As hard as it may be to imagine, 86 years ago, there was no Lake of the Ozarks. In August of 1929, Union Electric of St. Louis started construction of the dam. It was completed only 22 months later. Keep in mind, that this was around the same time the Great Depression started. The dam was the largest continuing construction project in the U.S.A. at that time. Men would come from all around the country to get a job working on the dam. In 1931, the lake water began to fill by one and a half feet per day. The lake was completely full and open to traffic by May of 1931. The dam was named after a close by town, Bagnell.

Boating at Lake of the Ozarks in the 1940s

In the 1940s, the world and America started to settle into a peaceful routine as World War II was starting to end. People began to spend their money on more leisure activities. The Lake of the Ozarks began to be a real destination for vacationers. Post war, boat manufacturing boomed. For thousands of years boats had been made from wood, but new materials began to make headway after the war. Aluminum started showing up on the Lake of the Ozarks. Aluminum was prevalent in the aircraft industry during the war years, post war it became a cheap material due to all of the surpluses once war-time production ended.

Vacation Rentals Near Museums & Historical Sites at the Lake of the Ozarks

At Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations, we hold vacation rentals all over the Lake of the Ozarks area. This will allow you to have a short driving distance to some of the museums and historical sites to see while staying with us at the Lake of the Ozarks, such as the Willmore Lodge, HaHa Tonka, or the Camden County Historical Society.

Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations was inspired by the joy of visiting the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. It was established in 2007 with the purchase of The Ledges development in Osage Beach has only grown from there. We now are not only your sources for dream vacations at the Lake of the Ozarks, but also professional property management and updating & remodeling services. We are pleased to be able to assist our clients in making unforgettable memories at the Lake of the Ozarks. Visit our website to browse through some of our fantastic vacation rentals. As always, if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. Don't hesitate to call 636-474-9878 today!

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