Full Service Property Management - How We Can Help You to Turn Your Lake Home Into Income

From those who live here full time to those who own second homes here, there are so many reasons people love to make memories at the Lake of the Ozarks.  That is why vacation rental properties at the Lake of the Ozarks are extremely sought after, now more than ever!  Lately, more people have been asking about how to use their second home at the lake to generate income … as long as it does not interfere with their ability to enjoy their home with friends and family when they wish. 

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It is through our personal journey in turning our own property into a vacation rental that the inspiration for Lake of the Ozark Vacation Destinations was born. We dearly enjoyed the time we spent at our lake home and did not want to miss out on it.  But we also wanted to find a way to help pay for our investment … and we sure did!  In the process, we learned a lot about property management specifically for vacation homes at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Now, we bring all of that experience to the table for each of our clients.  If you are curious about whether it would be a good move to use your lake home as a vacation rental, read on in today’s blog to learn the details.

Getting Started

If you decide to venture into vacation rentals with us, the first step will be a personal consultation by phone or in-person to discuss your goals and expectations and answer all of your questions.  We will talk about any concerns you may have regarding things like insurance, security, taxes/bookkeeping, etc.  We will also make sure we understand your own plans for your lake home, so it is always available to you when you want to be at the lake!

Preparing Your Property

From our own success, we have a clear vision of what people are looking for in a vacation rental at Lake of the Ozarks and are able to assess your property to see what it takes to make it ready for rental.  We want the property to be perfectly equipped to host satisfied guests, and we also want to look out for you, the homeowner, and your personal belongings.  We will be able to let you know just what to include and what to remove from your home to make it ready as a successful vacation rental property.

Getting the Word Out

Once your rental is prepared, it will be beautifully staged for a photoshoot to create images for use in a myriad of advertising channels. We also create a video to make sure that all of the features and benefits of your lake home are noticed. From there we use our knowledge of the local market to create a presence where we know people are seeking lodging at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Don’t Worry About a Thing

Once you are on our rental program, we take care of everything for you.  You don’t have to worry about refilling the propane tanks, or stocking supplies.  You don’t even have to think about maintenance and repairs because we will handle it for you or manage the service from a reputable lake area business.  We also take care of tracking your expenses for tax purposes as well.  With Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations, you can always count on us to provide:

  1. High-Quality advertising with wide exposure where lake vacationers seek accommodations
  2. Prompt, courteous, and professional response to inquiries for the rental of your property
  3. Thorough Rental Agreements and Checklists specifically tailored to your home or condominium
  4. A process that motivates guests to care for your property throughout their stay
photo credit: Fun Lake MO

You Have a Team!

Because of how we got started, we do property management differently. Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations treats every property we manage as if it were our own.  It is our goal to exceed your expectations and provide management and supporting services that increase property values and reduce ownership cost for Lake Home and Condominium owners. If you have any questions about using your home or condominium as a vacation rental, give us a call anytime.  We are happy to help!  If you would like to receive more news and information about vacation rentals at Lake of the Ozarks, be sure to follow us on our social media channel listed below.

Lake Vacationers: With a history of very satisfied guests, we have the rental properties to exceed your expectations!
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