New Year’s Travel Resolutions for 2018

2018 is finally here! While you are making your last-minute New Year’s Resolutions, between trying to lose weight and exercising more, you may be considering taking a vacation this year. Set some travel related New Year’s resolutions for yourself and take that vacation you’ve been meaning to take and that you deserve. Our vacation rental company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to give you a few sample travel related New Year’s resolutions to set for yourself in 2018.

New Year’s Travel Resolutions for 2018

Travel Resolution # 1
Take my vacation time this year!
Too many people don’t take the time to actually use their allotted vacation hours. It can be very easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, but taking a vacation can actually help you feel more refreshed and productive one you return to work.

Travel Resolution # 2
Focus on creating more EXPERIENCES rather than purchasing more materialistic things.
If you truly value vacationing, there are a few easy changes you can make in your everyday life to help you better afford a vacation. For example, how often would you say you eat out? Is it absolutely necessary to eat out that often? If your answer is no, then choosing to eat in more can help you save more money for that dream vacation you’ve been meaning to take.

Travel Resolution # 3
While on vacation, use my cellphone less.
If you go on vacation this year, do yourself a favor and unplug! You may find yourself enjoying your experiences more if you actually make yourself refrain from using your cell phone so much. It can be a very freeing feeling and may even relieve some unwanted stress.

Travel Resolution # 4
Go to a new vacation spot.
Travel somewhere new this year. If you’ve never been to the Lake of the Ozarks, you are in for a treat! Between all of the beautiful, scenic views, fabulous restaurants, family-friendly activities, and just good ole’ Lake life, you can have a GREAT time. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a girls weekend or a guys golfing trip, the Lake of the Ozarks has something for everyone.

Travel Resolution # 5
While on vacation, try NEW activities.
Step out of your comfort zone for a bit and try a new activity while on vacation. For example, if you have never boated at the Lake of the Ozarks, we can recommend some excellent boat rental companies that can help you try this new experience.

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