The Story of Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations

Our vacation rental company at the Lake of the Ozarks has had an incredible journey to get to where we are today. Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations has come a long way and we have had the pleasure of meeting several kind-hearted people along the way. We want you, our awesome clients, to be able to get to know our company better. Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations is happy to be able to give you our story.

The Story of Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations

Inspired by the joy of visiting the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations was established in 2007. It didn’t take too much arm-twisting for Jason Boschert to convince his father, Herbert Boschert to invest in a condominium for the family to enjoy amongst themselves and with friends. Jason’s business plan and pitch to his Father included offering the condo to guests as vacation rental property to assist with affordability.

After Jason prepared the marketing and advertising, interest was flowing in at an unexpected pace! By the spring of 2008, the condo had produced a long guest list for the upcoming season.

In June of 2008, tragedy struck the family when Herbert suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. At that time, Jason, his girlfriend Jamie, and his sister & brother-in-law Julie and Michael Williamson decided to maintain the vision that originated with the support of their Father.

Later in 2008, the family realized there was a problem with their business… They had so successfully rented their property that they had to find other places to stay in order to spend time at the lake!

In early 2009, as luck would have it, another condo became available in the same building so the family acquired the property for their expanding business venture. With the second condo, updating and remodeling along with interior design came into play and a niche business was born. Everyone in the family got involved to make the second investment property a success. History would soon repeat itself and the same success experienced with the first property came at no surprise for the second.

Later in 2009, Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations’ YouTube™ advertising video was awarded the Grand Prize Winner of a contest held by the largest and most-popular vacation rental website. This award was a significant achievement because, among tens-of-thousands of entries, Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations was down-selected by the website’s leadership and ultimately chosen by travelers who regularly search for vacation properties using the site. The Grand Prize was a $2,000 Vacation to any property in the world offered on the website… The family chose to vacation in their own property; the one that started it all.

In early 2010 came the addition of a third condominium also in the same complex. Once again, updating and remodeling along with interior design were required to bring the property to Lake Ozark Vacation Destination standards. The results of the extra effort have been exceptional!

By late 2010, Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations was prepared to take business to the next level. With an everlasting love for the Lake of the Ozarks supported by the experience, knowledge, and relationships gained, it became time once again, to expand.

Lake Ozark Vacation Destinations is now your source for not only fantastic Vacation Rentals, but also Professional Property Management and Updating & Remodeling services.

We hope you've enjoyed getting to learn a little more about our company and how we came to be. If you are ever in need of a vacation rental at the Lake of the Ozarks or a property management company you can trust, give us a call. We are happy to help you!

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